With my new post for Life…

Whatever you are, Be a good person…


Along with different parenting observations, I am exploring you my infact many of our life experiences, we live during our life span.

Life is a stage for unveiling new experiences, discoveries and explorations.Here we have different moves, turns and learnings. Some realises may be few that it is just like a drama stage, where our life would be like a boomerang, what we do, we receive in return accordingly.

Some of us without understanding the depth and cause of a life, are moving, feeling happiness, distress and all other impressions.

Some of us are always in sorrow, presenting meaningless excuses, not happy with their success in any way, and presenting them under the mask of justification and blaming others.

Some keep their dreams alive and keep on working. For them, it is of no matter that their reward of success came soon or after a series of failures. So they achieve what they they actually desires.




Facts of life…

life quote
life is not always same but it changes after every moment. we are not sure what would happen the very next second. we are with our family, friends, children, people…. the moments we are spending with them would never be back. I realise today, the time I spent in my past days was so crucial, and I could have achieved more than I did. But again I don’t know what I am having today may be the best. We all people never understand that whatever is happening to us , is the best for us. we all realises it after a time. Sometimes we never notice the existence of all good things happening to us, we still find life onerous.

Our Aspirations gets lighted through positivity….

I am talking about positive views for ourselves and for others too. we need not to be felt jealous for others success infact join yourself with others happiness, exchange pleasantries. Believe me it would be good for you. A person would be able to work on their aspirations. peel the layers of your life, what you actually want from life.

What I Feel…

Well I am a strong believer of having always a positive thought for yourself. We would be the best speaker if we can talk to our own heart and again a best listener if we can listen the voice of our heart. I think extraordinary people keep their focus inside , what their heart is thinking and mind is saying. Ordinary people keep their focus on outside world, specially negativity.

Let children make choices…

  • It might seem inconsequential to ask a child whether he wants to drink half glass of milk or a full glass, he wants to study or play, he wants to go with us or not, like many examples we have. But each of this small choice represents one more opportunity to have control over his own life. There is so much a child must do that its not hard to understand why sometimes he becomes resentful and unmannered.

If we give them a choice about how something is to be done, very often the choice is that would reduce his resentment.

But some parents don’t agree about using this skill .They claim that a forced choice isn’t much of a choice at all and becomes just another way to box a child in.