hair tips

hair5 For Strong Hair 

 Long thick and beautiful hair is every women’s dream. But it almost seems impossible if we peer in today’s air containing dust, different pollutants and sun’s ultra violet rays .Here I would like to share some of the home made tips for lustrous and shiny hair. 

Hair Nourishment


·         Drink lots of water , plenty of fruits and vegetables, include Amla in your diet.

·         Remove split ends for long hair, trimming just half an inch after every 8 months would reduce split ends.

·         Don’t put your hair in styles that pull your hair or even tight.

·         Never tie your wet hair in a towel. Wipe them lightly and leave them free.

·         Use wide tooth comb in order to avoid their tangling in the narrow tooth com.


For beautiful and fresh looking skin and hair , it is must to have a sound sleep, resting you , avoid stress, proper , healthy diet and be happy .


  • Massage with yoghurt and lemon.

  • Take coconut oil and curry leaves in a utensil , keep it on fire for half an hour and sieve it , store it in a bottle. Apply it thrice a week. It would surely blacken your hair.

  • Take out Amla juice , apply it on hair for half an hour, it would blackens your hair.

  • Hair spa once in a while, use almond oil during spa.

  • massage with aloe vera (for healing the scalp and pH balance to normal) strengthen the hair and removes white flakes of dandruff from hair.

  • Vitamin C is must for strengthens the hair structure. All citrus fruits , strawberries, guava are good sources of it.

  • Vitamin E nourishes our hair. Spinach and almonds are its sources.