Self- Love

Love yourself to the extreme,

that’s not for your selfish dreams;

For beautifying you from the deep core of heart,

truth, compassion & care be always your part;

Burn spines of boorishness in a fire,

let its ash be thrown in a mire;

Endue yourself with the stars of respect and faith,

head all those values that Great god saith……

Prachi gupta







Ride Of Life….

Childhood, a time with no worries, no heebie-jeebies,

everything seems to be true,

Never dreaded, so bubbly, dancing, cheering

in deeds we do;

But irrepressible to stop the clock,

to enter the teenage, with  its knock;

The colours of world seems so parallel and indefinite,

never to sure what to inculcate and what to eliminate;

Must to be steered in a right side,

A perfect time to décor our life ride;

Hold my finger till the eternity,

Its my prayer, while with you in serenity.

 Prachi Gupta



Poetry “Morning peace..”

Morning Peace…

The morning when my feet out  to drop my child to his school,

I peek out , busy roads, moving vehicles, children  and everyone with their tool;

wanted to feel the morning scent , pleasantries of weather,

the chirping and flying of birds,

shook my heart and made me realised

the freedom and hedonism is the extreme joy of heart & soul;

don’t miss to be the cachet of beautiful nature,

the dawn with its reflecting colours,

the widespread clouds and the peace in them;

the moving flowers, leaves shows the prosperity

and unfeigned creation of God,

oh how obscure we are , to see the morning pearls,

never  try to unfurl this joy,

but just in envisioning the colours of selfish life.

Prachi Gupta



Books are my best friends

aware me with all new trends;

Always give me the way to reach and feel high

just when tell me about its ventures and sigh;

refurbish us with its charisma on all

brighten the mind when echoes in its hall;

you are always near me when I am lonely

enlighten me as you  are a cinch way only.

  Prachi Gupta


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Poetry on “Life”


With many tornados in a heart,

travelling the life in a cart.

Cheering it only with the beauty and its positive sights,

adoring the charm and moments with its memorable tides.

Every soul searching for uttermost happiness and pleasure,

leaving behind then all others, buddies, that were someday a treasure.

Why Lord, we are pouring a conditional love on others,

why we are not like you, so unconditional and pious,

We are also your dew,

then why we are not, as your traits are sew….

 Prachi Gupta



Oh, who don’t like the word of Appreciation,

no, no not for others, just and only for one’s self elation.

They are enchanting, filling heart with false ways of soothing,

either with harming others or with their clogging.

So unknown with their inner soul,

vanishing its traits and have attired it with coal.

Listen you, the greatest creation of God,

moor your growing selfish desires, being so odd.

Forgotten, the vows you had with Lord,

never to mutilate and break your cord….

I urge you all,

value the life, value the moments, value the people

Else, you would left with bare hands and life be crippled.


Prachi Gupta





Learning all life…..

Learning all life…..

Life is always a floor for learning,

to rejoice and gain at every new observing.

Its a desire, overwhelmed you more and more,

to accomplish every dream in your heart core.

Learning never bounded with time, place, people and age,

that would flee you away from each and every cage.

don’t shy, hesitate or be attenuated,

feel  always on a mound of please you ever created .

we learn from everyone, hither and thither, older and younger, student or teacher,

Since we would always be a creeper.

I gratify all, who took me up at every phase of my life through their preaching,

So I say, we all revamp through every learning…..

  Prachi Gupta